Grzegorz Leśniewski / Wild Wonders of Europe


Project name:
Urgent actions for the recovery of European Bison populations in Romania

Coordinating beneficiary:

Rewilding Europe



Acronym: LIFE RE-Bison

Reference code:
LIFE14 NAT/NL/000987

Duration: 5 years.
Start date 01.01.2016.
End date 30.03.2021

Total budget: 1,816,991 euros
EU contribution: 1,362,735 euros

Life Natura2000

This Project is co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union.


Layman’s Report Life RE-Bison

Good practice guide LIFE RE-Bison

Sociologic Study Summary

LIFE RE-Bison Final Report

LIFE-Bison leaflet

The exhibition „The biggest European land mammal returns to the Southern Carpathians”

Human-Wildlife conflict management brochure