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  • Bison Hillock Taskforce provides invaluable support for Southern Carpathians rewilding (LIFE Bison news)

    25. February 2019

    Taskforce activities, which in 2018 included data collection, website and app development, educational initiatives and community outreach, helped bolster the success of the area’s ongoing bison reintroduction programme.   The Taskforce is a research programme launched in 2016 with the support of the Swiss-Romanian Partnership (and now maintained annually through the WWF International Volunteering Programme). …

  • Holograms explaining the bison behaviour and impact on nature in Romania (LIFE Bison news)

    24. August 2016

    The Bison Visitor Centre in Armeniș, Țarcu Mountains, Romania, is now presenting scientific data about the bison in a playful and immersive way. It has the biggest holographic projection in Europe with two more installations that were built at the crossroads between art and technology. The data feed, animating the installations, is being continuously collected …

  • Southern Carpathians combining rewilding and technology (LIFE Bison news)

    24. March 2016

    This year a new project started in the Southern Carpathians called “Wilderness Innovation Lab”, co-financed by a grant from the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged EU. The aim of the project is to help tell the story of bison reintroductions in real time through multimedia installations in the Southern Carpathians Visitor Centre. The centre is …