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  • Romania’s largest free-roaming bison population boosted by eight more animals (Blog)

    23. July 2020

    A herd of eight European bison has just arrived in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area and will soon join the 57 bison that are already roaming free here. As a keystone species, the animals are part of the rewilding initiative here and are benefitting local communities.    Record-breaking rewilding A herd of eight European bison …

  • Another sucessful bison transport in the Southern Carpathians (Blog)

    24. September 2019

    Another successful bison transport took place last week when 4 female bison arrived safely in the Țarcu Mountains, in the vicinity of Armeniș commune, where they will  join more than 50 free-roaming bison in the Southern Carpathians.     The animals come from two locations, three from the Donaumoos Bison Reservation and one from the …