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  • New documentary tells the story of people and bison in the Southern Carpathians (Blog)

    22. November 2019

    Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania have been reintroducing bison in the Southern Carpathians of Romania since 2014. Shot by French filmmaker Emmanuel Rondeau, “Zimbrul” is an intimate snapshot of people’s feelings about the return of this iconic species. A story of acceptance A beautiful new documentary has just been released showing the reintroduction of the …

  • Another sucessful bison transport in the Southern Carpathians (Blog)

    24. September 2019

    Another successful bison transport took place last week when 4 female bison arrived safely in the Țarcu Mountains, in the vicinity of Armeniș commune, where they will  join more than 50 free-roaming bison in the Southern Carpathians.     The animals come from two locations, three from the Donaumoos Bison Reservation and one from the …

  • Big ideas: Southern Carpathians workshop strengthens bison-community bond (Blog)

    31. May 2019

    At the beginning of May a group of social entrepreneurship professors and students met with community representatives in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area. The ideas they brainstormed will further the development of local nature-based business and reinforce the connection between people and reintroduced bison.  Creative collaboration In the Southern Carpathians rewilding area, where Rewilding Europe …