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  • Bright future for the European Bison in the Southern Carpathians (LIFE Bison news)

    27. September 2021

    After almost 6 years, the project initiated by Rewilding Europe and WWF România to rewild the South-West Carpathians with European bison presents a series of exciting results: the largest free-roaming population of bison in Romania, examples of coexistence and ecotourism. The knowledge gained during the LIFE RE-Bison project is the foundation on which genetically viable …

  • Unique European bison transport just arrived in the Southern Carpathians, Romania (Blog)

    30. June 2021

    The first relocation of its kind in Europe, with only male European bison, took place yesterday, June, 30th in the place known as the Bison Hillock, in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area of Romania. The 7 individuals arrived from Germany through the LIFE RE-Bison project and will contribute to the genetic diversity of the free-ranging …

  • New bison release to enhance genetic diversity in the Southern Carpathians (Blog)

    14. May 2021

    A herd of 13 European bison has just arrived in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area in Romania and will soon be released into the wild. This will boost the genetic diversity of the population already roaming free here and ensure its beneficial impact continues to grow.  Healthy herds A herd of 13 female European bison …

  • Legendary bison return from the brink (Blog)

    27. November 2020

    The bison, a revered and respected animal in the history of Romania holds it’s ground in front of any predator, but is vulnerable to humans. The species present in Europe for tens of thousands of years is always in danger of diminishing its population if we do not act to protect it, and thus maintain …

  • Return of the titans (Blog)

    28. August 2020

    The story of how wild animals are returning across Europe, spontaneously or with human help, will soon captivate millions of television viewers around the world. The new six-part documentary series called “Europe’s New Wild” will begin a global rollout in early September. Bison are part of this amazing transformation.    Dramatic debut “Europe’s New Wild”, …

  • Romania’s largest free-roaming bison population boosted by eight more animals (Blog)

    23. July 2020

    A herd of eight European bison has just arrived in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area and will soon join the 57 bison that are already roaming free here. As a keystone species, the animals are part of the rewilding initiative here and are benefitting local communities.    Record-breaking rewilding A herd of eight European bison …

  • New life, wild life in the Southern Carpathians (LIFE Bison news)

    29. May 2020

      The first bison calve has been spotted this year by rangers in the Bison Hillock.  The success of a rewilding programme stands in many factors, but one of the key ones is having new life being born in the wild. At least 20 calves have been born in the wild in the Southern Carpathians …

  • New animation promotes human-bison coexistence in the Southern Carpathians (Blog)

    27. January 2020

    The short video, which is being shown to both residents and visitors in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area in Romania, educates people how to behave when they encounter a European bison. It is one of a range of measures employed by the local rewilding team to promote harmonious human-bison relations.     Keeping the peace …

  • New documentary tells the story of people and bison in the Southern Carpathians (Blog)

    22. November 2019

    Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania have been reintroducing bison in the Southern Carpathians of Romania since 2014. Shot by French filmmaker Emmanuel Rondeau, “Zimbrul” is an intimate snapshot of people’s feelings about the return of this iconic species. A story of acceptance A beautiful new documentary has just been released showing the reintroduction of the …

  • Largest ever bison reintroduction in Southern Carpathians boosts population by 23 animals (LIFE Bison news)

    18. May 2018

    Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania are delighted to announce the successful reintroduction of 23 European bison at two sites in the Southern Carpathian mountains of Romania. The animals, which were sourced from nine European nature reserves and zoos, have been released over the course of several weeks. Ongoing rewilding efforts involving bison began in the Southern Carpathians in 2014. This reintroduction - the largest ever in the Carpathians - significantly advances the comeback of this magnificent species and takes the local population up to 53.  Around 30 of these animals are now freely roaming in the wild, with the recently released bison kept in enclosures until their full release later this year.