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  • Bison Hillock Taskforce provides invaluable support for Southern Carpathians rewilding (LIFE Bison news)

    25. February 2019

    Taskforce activities, which in 2018 included data collection, website and app development, educational initiatives and community outreach, helped bolster the success of the area’s ongoing bison reintroduction programme.   The Taskforce is a research programme launched in 2016 with the support of the Swiss-Romanian Partnership (and now maintained annually through the WWF International Volunteering Programme). …

  • Southern Carpathians rewilding team keeps human-bison relations harmonious (LIFE Bison news)

    11. February 2019

    Until they become acclimatised to fully wild conditions, bison reintroduced into the Southern Carpathians of Romania may be tempted to approach farms and villages looking for food, especially during periods of harsh weather. The local rewilding team monitors the bison – and provides villagers with guidance and information – to ensure both animals and people …

  • Bison school club programme continues into second year in the Southern Carpathians (LIFE Bison news)

    23. January 2019

    The second year of the inspirational programme began with workshops held in the rewilding area, introducing Romanian elementary school students to project development and wild nature. Next generation nature Rewilding Europe is committed to connecting younger generations with wild nature, so it is heartening to see a growing number of European children and young adults …

  • Hiking and biking in the Southern Carpathians (LIFE Bison news)

    17. December 2018

    This autumn, WWF Taskforce member Bianca Ștefănuț was part of a team helping to develop nature-based tourism in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area. Here she relates her memorable experience. The region of the Southern Carpathians that came to be known as the Bison Hillock with the rewilding initiative of Rewilding Europe, WWF-Romania and the local …

  • Bison exhibition features at the Bucharest Photo Festival (LIFE Bison news)

    4. December 2018

    Impactful imagery and powerful presentations captivate new audiences with the story of bison rewilding in the Southern Carpathians. The focus of this year’s festival was nature photography. The bison exhibition added a touch of novelty, with its story of the reintroduction of a once near-extinct species with deep historical roots in Romanian culture. Titled “The …

  • Wild European bison roam Romania’s Poiana Ruscă Mountains for the first time in 200 years (LIFE Bison news)

    27. September 2018

    The release of European bison into the wild in both Southern Carpathian rewilding areas represents another milestone in the comeback of this magnificent and ecologically important animal.   Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania are delighted to announce that a group of 14 European bison are now wandering free in the Poiana Ruscă Mountains of southwest …

  • “You can change a lot of things by doing small things” (LIFE Bison news)

    31. August 2018

    One year after the completion of the wildlife and landscape observatory in Armenis, the first bison rewilding site in the south-west of Romania, we take a look back at this amazing experience with photos from behind the scenes and an interview with the architects who coordinated the design&build camp. Text by Mara Cazacu Minculescu, WWF-Romania …

  • New bison calves born in the Southern Carpathians (LIFE Bison news)

    20. August 2018

    Born into herds in both the Armeniș and Poiana Ruscă rewilding areas, the four healthy calves show significant progress is being made in establishing a fully wild, viable bison population in this part of Romania. Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania are thrilled to announce the birth of four new bison calves in the Southern Carpathians …

  • The power rangers of Poiana Ruscă (LIFE Bison news)

    31. July 2018

    As rangers at the second European bison reintroduction site in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area, the efforts of Marius Gârdean and Roland Hauptman are vital to the success of the project. On the occasion of World Ranger Day, we caught up with them to thank them for their ongoing support, and to learn more about …

  • Largest ever bison reintroduction in Southern Carpathians boosts population by 23 animals (LIFE Bison news)

    18. May 2018

    Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania are delighted to announce the successful reintroduction of 23 European bison at two sites in the Southern Carpathian mountains of Romania. The animals, which were sourced from nine European nature reserves and zoos, have been released over the course of several weeks. Ongoing rewilding efforts involving bison began in the Southern Carpathians in 2014. This reintroduction - the largest ever in the Carpathians - significantly advances the comeback of this magnificent species and takes the local population up to 53.  Around 30 of these animals are now freely roaming in the wild, with the recently released bison kept in enclosures until their full release later this year.